India Road Conference

India Roads Conference

The 8th edition of the India Roads Conference will foster a high profile gathering of the top government officials, policymakers and regulators, captains of the infrastructure industries, as well as analysts and finance bigwigs to discuss, network and evaluate the massive Indian industry and development options in the Roads and Infrastructure sector. The 8th Annual India Roads Conference will once again prove to be a stimulating and provoking platform for both domestic and international players to share and better understand the emerging challenges and opportunities in the sector.

  • Constructing Tomorrow with Technology
  • Smart Road Infrastructure
  • Vision of Indian Roads Before Cars Fly
  • Attaining the 45 km/day vision


Vision of Indian Roads Before Cars Fly

Session Synopsis: According to the targets set by NITI Aayog, the total network of highways — including single and intermediate lanes and 4&6 lanes — is set to double to 9,60,000 km in 2020 from 45,406 km at the end of the last financial year. The session will highlight this ambitious vision set by the government.

Smart Road Infrastructure

Session Synopsis: Innovation & Sustainability in the construction industry is both duty and opportunity, discovering ways to reduce construction phase emissions and embodied carbon from construction materials, and analysing how construction management firms, suppliers and contractors can work collaboratively in order to minimise the environmental impact of the construction process.

Constructing Tomorrow with Technology

Session Synopsis: Breakthrough technologies are proving to be the best solution for the much sought after efficiency and productivity boost in the sector. The session will discuss about the paramount role of new technologies in increasing productivity and boosting collaboration across the industry.

Attaining the 45 km/day vision

Session Synopsis: (Risk Allocation) Infra investments are key for economic growth, something all of us are rooting for.Also, more and better roads mean smoother rides and less traffic congestion; who doesn’t want that? This session will discuss the different construction models and their effect for better road infrastructure implemented by the private’s and government.

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