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Supporting Ministry:

Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), a branch of the Government of India, is the apex body for formulation and administration of the rules and regulations and laws relating to the housing and urban development in India. As of February 2011, head of the ministry is Kamal Nath and the Minister of State is Deepa Das Munshi

The Ministry was attached on and off with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation on many occasions, before finally becoming independent in 2004.

Supporting Chamber:

Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI)   Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC)   Indo Canadian Business Chamber   Chindia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Indo-German Chamber of Commerce   Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of India  

Supporting Associations:

Construction chemicals   National Highways Builders Federation   Indian Paint & Coating Association (IPCA)   National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO)   The International Road Federation (IRF)

Supporting Chamber:

Founded in 1966, the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) is a non-profit organisation recognised by the Italian Government, whose main objective is to promote and enhance trade and economic relations between India and Italy. Today, IICCI accounts for more than 1200 members, from diverse sectors and industries, and has a pan-India presence, with its head office in Mumbai, regional offices in New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and a representative office in Goa.

IICCI plays an active role in organising business meetings, international trade fairs, seminars, conferences and round tables to promote knowledge sharing between the two countries. It also coordinates and manages business and institutional delegations, to stimulate both the Italian and Indian markets.

IICCI has a team of qualified professionals that provide ongoing services to firms and companies in order to undertake various business operations, such as outsourcing, global marketing and consultancy, for the successful implementation of joint ventures and strategic alliances and to assist in legal, fiscal and customs issues.

Established in 1968, the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) is a non-government, industry led and industry-managed organization, playing a proactive role in India’s development process and serves as a much needed link between the business communities of India and the United States of America. IACC is the only bilateral Chamber of Commerce in India, which is committed to development of Indo-US business and trade relations.

The major objective of IACC is to promote Indo-American business, trade and economic relations. IACC promotes bilateral trade, investment and technology transfer, facilitates business collaborations, joint ventures, marketing tie-ups and strategic alliances through a set of proactive business-oriented initiatives. In particular has established the following objectives :

  • Facilitate exports of manufactured and agricultural products from India
  • Facilitate US-based SMEs to do business with India
  • Promote Environment-related trade between India and US
  • Facilitate Collaboration between Hollywood & Bollywood
  • Facilitate US Investments in India’s Real Estate sector
  • Facilitate outsourcing of services from US to India

Besides its head office in Mumbai, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce has branch offices in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and a liaison office in Düsseldorf. In addition to this, IGCC has established 9 India-Desks in various bi-national Chambers of Commerce abroad, 18 different Chambers of Commerce & Industry in Germany and has one representative in Brussels. To facilitate better business contacts in India, it has appointed 17 honorary representatives in other towns and cities of the subcontinent.

DE international is the Services Department of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. It provides Single Window Business Solutions for companies planning to do business with India or Germany. The Market Entry Service is our core service and is supported by Business Advisory, Taxation and Legal services and Recruitment. Other important services include Market Research, Business Partner Search, Event Management, Property Search, PR & Press amongst others. We extend complete support, tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. Over the last 6 years, we have supported more than 150 German companies to get established in India.


ICBC or the Indo Canadian Business Chamber is the only exclusive bilateral organization dedicated to the promotion of Indo-Canadian economic and bilateral relations. Established in the year 1994, it is incorporated as a non-profit company in Delhi and has played a significant role both in India and Canada. With its headquarters in Delhi, it has operating councils in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad with prominent members from a cross-section of business and industry, in a variety of sectors.

The ICBC Board collectively and its members in their individual capacities are facilitating optimum use of free trade and the institution of nuclear cooperation agreements. While the Governments can be enablers, ICBC is putting its best foot forward to strengthen economic ties between the two countries. While working closely with the Canadian High Commissioner in Delhi and Consul Generals in other cities in India, it welcomes all who are interested in strengthening economic and bilateral ties between India and Canada to join ICBC and deepen its engagement with businesses in both countries.

Chindia Chamber of Commerce and Industry also referred to, as CCCI is a non-profit organization set up under the societies registration Act, 1860. The organization set up in the year 2012 through contributions from the Chinese Companies doing business in India and the Embassy of P.R. China in New Delhi, India. As of January 2013, more than 100 Chinese Companies are members of the CCCI. The members are ranging from largescale MNC’s to small and medium scale enterprises and traders belonging to various sectors such as Power, Mining, Healthcare, and Consumer Goods etc. Our members are mainly located in Delhi, NCR Region, Mumbai, Gujarat, Pune andother parts of the country.

Republic of Tajikistan

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of India were established in 24 August, 1992. In May 1994, India opened its diplomatic mission in Dushanbe and Tajikistan opened its embassy in New Delhi in June 2003. In September 1997, the opening of the Trade representation of Tajikistan in India took Diplomatic relations were established with Tajikistan's independence following the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union, which had been friendly with India.

India remains not only a brotherly country for Tajikistan with common historical and cultural roots, but also as a geo-strategically important nation, rich in natural and human resources. The common views of political leaders of both countries about important issues of International relations are firm points for enhancing bilateral relations in various fields such as, economy, commerce, politics, science and culture.

Supporting Organizations:

National Highways Builders Federation in an apex organization of all contractors/Builders of National Highways, State Highways and Bridges in the organized sector in all over the country.  Its affairs are managed by the managing committee and constituent actively working for the welfare of road builders as whole.
Aims & Objectives:-
 a). To promote the interest and to generally helping person engaged  in the business of road builders means of improving their services.
 b). To acquire and disseminate knowledge about working of road builders in other countries and induce the members to raise the standard of service, to import up to date, scientific knowledge about new machinery and valuable results on scientific results carried out in other countries, about use of new designs, materials etc.
 c). To discuss, support, oppose any legislation or executive messers by legitimate and constituently means which may affect or likely to be affected the road building industry.

Indian Paint & Coating Association (IPCA) is an amalgam of Paint, Ink and Powder coating manufacturers, Raw Material manufacturers and traders, Machinery manufacturers and Allied Industries. It has a Pan-India presence with active Regions in Delhi-NCR, Haryana, Greater U.P., Western U.P., M.P. and Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. It has strength of around 950 members and growing.

IPCA, Indian Paint & Coating Association is one of the young and dynamic associations, which represents both the organized and unorganized sector in the paint and coating industry. In 2004, in an attempt to improve communication and to coordinate industry policy on matters of national and international concern, the Indian Paint and Coating Association was formed. Over the last several years, common issues facing the paint and coating industries have increased significantly. While it is always a constant challenge for each individual association to manage the myriad of domestic regulations, it has become increasingly difficult to interpret the potential impact of foreign issues.

National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) was established as an autonomous self-regulatory body in 1998 under the aegis of Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India. It is in this year that the Government of India redrafted the National Housing & Habitat Policy, giving due importance to the Housing and Real Estate sector, thereby declaring housing for all citizens by the year 2010. The Indian housing and real estate sectors and the allied industries hailed the establishment of NAREDCO, as the apex national body for the real estate industry and visualized it as a single platform where Government, industry and public would discuss various problems and opportunities face to face which would result in speedy resolution of issues. It was formed with the mandate to induce transparency and ethics in real estate business and transform the unorganized Indian real estate sector into a matured and globally competitive business sector.

The International Road Federation (IRF) is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organisation with the mission to encourage and promote development and maintenance of better, safer and more sustainable roads and road networks. Working together with its members and associates, the IRF promotes social and economic benefits that flow from well-planned and environmentally sound road transport networks. It helps put in place technological solutions and management practices that provide maximum economic and social returns from national road investments.

The IRF has a major role to play in all aspects of road policy and development worldwide. For governments and financial institutions, the IRF provides a wide base of expertise for planning road development strategy and policy. For its members, the IRF is a business network, a link to external institutions and agencies, such as the United Nations and the European Union, and a business card of introduction to government officials and decision makers.

For the community of road professionals, the IRF is a source of support and information for national road associations, advocacy groups, companies and institutions dedicated to the development of road infrastructure. Through the International Road Educational Foundation the IRF awards grants to graduate engineers and other transportation professionals from around the world in support of full-time academic training. With this the IRF actively supports the future generations who will build the road networks.

While the building materials, construction equipment, finance and builder segment of the industry have fairly improved their business practices and a reasonably good degree of professionalism has come about, the transaction processes continue to remain by and large backward and in need of urgent reform.

The realtors or brokers who are the interface with the consumers in the transaction processes are the most important human resource and like in the business chain. They provide the advice, information and negotiate the deals and in short, make the markets. Unless this segment of the real estate industry is reformed and elevated to international standard practices, investor confidence will be difficult to emerge. Ultimately, on the one hand, it is the globalised investment opportunities in Indian economy which are at stake and on the other, the end consumers.

India has several thousands of realtors or brokers operating in over 35 metropolitan cities. They represent interests of large corporations on the one side and domestic consumers on the other. NAR-INDIA has been fashioned not only as a single national level umbrella organization representing the interests of thousands of realtors/brokers operating all over the country, but also an organization which aims to elevate the standards of practice of the real estate brokerage business to a global level where ethics, transparency, accountability, rule of law and good governance prevail.

Construction chemicals positively contribute to the high quality and durability of any construction. The construction chemicals industry in India is currently at a nascent stage but is growing fast. As per vailable figures, the industry size is estimated at Rs.1,800 crores and has the potential to grow to Rs.5,000 crores by 2014. The growth in the construction industry, combined with faster and safer construction, will propel the growth for the construction chemicals industry.

In India the industry currently represents a combination of organized and unorganized sector. For the first time, the leading manufacturers have come together to form an association - The Construction Chemicals Manufacturers' Association (CCMA). The key objective of CCMA will be to promote the growth of the construction chemicals industry by raising the awareness and quality standards as well act as a representative body for communicating with government, chambers of commerce, regulatory authorities and other forums, be it domestic or international.

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